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Auto Body Shop Houston Tx

Auto Body Shop Houston Tx

If you are looking for an auto body shop in Houston TX, Vic Auto Services offers collision repair for almost any make and model. Available financing gets you back on the road at a price you can afford.

Auto collision and repair in Houston

Repairing your car keeps it on the road and functioning optimally. Allowing parts to drag or that hidden noise to persist is detrimental to your freedom of movement.

A seemingly small issue often turns into something more problematic. Backfiring could signal a failed gasket, difficulty starting may relate to spark plugs, and a crack in your hood vastly reduces the resell value of an automobile.

Can and independent garage repair my vehicle?

The right to repair is a hot topic in 2019 and 2020. The Texas Right to Repair law, HB 1999, from July 2019 is a start to applying coverage across all industries but you must consult your vehicle warranty before deciding on a service center for your vehicle.

Still, independent garages are motived to provide the best quality care and service. Without the pressure to get you into a new car and everything riding on the repair, outside service centers consistently ranked higher than dealerships in Consumer Reports.

What is the average cost of automobile repair?

According to AAA, the average repair bill is between 500 and 600 dollars. One in three motorists cannot avoid incurring debt.

Honest financing and upfront warranties reduce the price of keeping you on the road. Easy Pay finance approves repairs up to $5000 for those with good to no credit while Car Care One helps you pay for repair in as little as six months.

Nationwide warranties for my vehicle

Dealer warranties last for so long. Many automobile shops fail to provide for their work.

Vics Auto Service is confident enough regarding their services that they are willing to provide a 24-month, 24000-mile warranty for parts and labor. We take care of towing, fuel, batteries, flat tires, lockouts, and repairs to keep you moving from our toll-free number with complimentary roadside assistance.

Finding the right mechanic

Failing to find a mechanic capable of handling your vehicle is not advisable. The Automotive Service Excellence certification makes sure that your automobile is in the right hands as it applies to a wide variety of repairs.

Contact your local garage to make sure that they know your make and model before going. If done properly, you can save money and time.

Auto Body shop Houston TX

An auto body shop in Houston TX gets you back on the road with ease. Vics Auto Body strives to provide the best quality service with industry certification and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Avoid the hassle of the dealership and ensure that your car is in the right hands with us. We can even walk you through financing options that keep a small problem from becoming larger.

Get in touch with our professionals today to schedule an appointment.

Auto Body Shop Houston Tx
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