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Oil Change In Dallas Tx

Oil Change In Dallas Tx Are you looking for an affordable oil change in Dallas, TX? Consider Kwik Kar Automotive for all of your auto needs. From reliable oil changes that include multi-point inspections to a full range of repair services, the technicians at Kwik Kar are trained to do the job right the first time around.

Keeping your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently means making time for routine oil changes at indicated intervals recommended by your auto manufacturer. The techs from Kwik Kar can give you specifics as to how often you should have your oil changed, however it is recommended that you bring your vehicle in at about every 3,000 miles.

Changing your engine’s oil at the appropriate time will ensure long life to your motor as well as better operation. Kwik Kar offers a 23 point full service oil and lube service that includes the complete oil change with up to 5 quarts of oil, as well as these additional services:

- Check air filter and air induction system
- Inspect belts, breather element, cabin air filter and wiper blades
- Check levels and fill brake fluid, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, transfer case, washer fluid and transmission fluid
- Chassis lube
- Check tire pressure
- Check headlight and turn signal bulbs
- And much more

There are numerous benefits associated with bringing your vehicle in for oil changes at the necessary times. Technicians can attest to the fact that by changing your oil as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, you’ll experience all of the following benefits:

- Most auto owners are not aware that motor oil contains essential antioxidants that are responsible for limiting the amount of exposure your internal engine parts have to corrosion-inducing oxygen. Timely oil changes ensure your engine’s insides remain rust-free.

- Using a synthetic motor oil can allow you to longer between oil changes due to their superior properties. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a synthetic oil, ask your technician from Kwik Kar about a synthetic oil change in their Dallas, TX location.

- Vehicles that are exposed to frequent cold startups and are driven an average of ten miles per day or less should have their oil changed more often than vehicles that accumulate their milage via road travel.

- While oil change indication lights may be fine for vehicle owners who would otherwise never bring their vehicle in for a change, a better solution is to ask your technician how often you should have your oil changed. This is where the benefits of taking your vehicle to the same technician for the lifetime of your car can really come as an advantage.

Kwik Kar’s technicians excel at providing exceptional customer care and will exceed your expectations when it comes to your next oil change in their Dallas, TX location. Stop by one of their convenient locations or make an appointment on the website where you can fill out the contact form, check out the FAQ page, cut online coupons to save money and learn more about the services offered by the area’s leading automotive shop. Oil Change In Dallas Tx
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