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State Inspections in Mooresville NC

State Inspections in Mooresville NC

State inspections in Mooresville, NC are necessary to stay legal on the road- and they’re a lot less expensive than getting pulled over for a safety infraction. Madd Monkey Garage will keep your vehicle on the road with an affordable annual inspection that checks all the boxes on North Carolina’s list so you can renew your registration and avoid fines and penalties. Come in to see us when you’re in the area, with or without an appointment, and we’ll get your vehicle in and out quickly.

Why Do I Need a Vehicle State Inspection in NC?

Safety inspections are passed to bring in revenue to the state without having to rely on pull-overs and tickets to generate money for improving roads and paying for road signs, street lights, and a thousand other things the Department of Transportation needs to ensure safe and reliable transportation throughout the state of North Carolina. Without passing a safety inspection, you won’t be able to obtain a vehicle registration or renew an existing registration. There’s a silver lining in NC’s inspection process- it means fewer traffic stops during your commute to work and home or even when just driving to the grocery store.

What’s on the NC Vehicle Inspection List?

Your safety and that of other drivers on the road is another focus of NC’s inspection requirement since it forces all drivers to take responsibility for the safety of their vehicle. You’ll have added peace of mind knowing that vehicles around you on the road have good tires, a reliable braking system, and working lights. The full inspection checklist includes:

  • Brakes
  • Lighting
  • Horn
  • Tires
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Wipers
  • Tinting
  • Mirrors
  • Glass
  • Emissions, in some counties

Affordable State Inspections in Mooresville, NC

Madd Monkey Garage makes it easy and cost-effective to comply with state laws for safety and emissions inspections. Request an appointment through our website or simply call one of our techs to book an inspection at your convenience. If your vehicle fails an inspection, you have 60 days to bring the failed items up to code and your reinspection will only include the issues that fail to comply the first time around.

Full-Service Auto Garage

We provide much more than state inspections at Madd Monkey Garage- we’re also one of the most reliable auto mechanic shops in the area. See us for all of your vehicle’s routine maintenance needs, engine and transmission repairs, brake work, AC and heating services, and full diagnostics. Trust our techs to keep your vehicle on the road with fewer interruptions and repairs throughout the year.

Drive Legally in NC

It doesn’t cost a fortune to keep your vehicle in compliance with state inspections in Mooresville, NC; bring your car, truck, SUV or hatchback in to Madd Monkey Garage and leave with peace of mind that your vehicle is safe to drive. Drivers living in states with annual vehicle inspections pay about the same amount to drive on roads as drivers in states without inspections- you’ll see the savings the next time you refuel your vehicle.

State Inspections in Mooresville NC
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