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Trailer Fenders

Trailer Fenders

Get the Best Deal on Trailer Fenders!

One of the essentials you need to take care of your trailer is the bodywork and paintwork. In that sense, one of the ideal devices to protect the exterior of your trailer is the fenders. You must know the functions of the device, and how you can acquire the ideal one for you.

Why Are Trailer Fenders Important?

These devices surround the wheels of your trailer at the top. Depending on your vehicle model, they can be single, tandem, or triple axle. The essential function of a fender is to prevent the harmful elements that the wheels shoot up from impacting the paint and bodywork of the trailer.

Mud, stones, seawater can cause significant damage to the exterior, which would mean the loss of its beauty and value. Besides, the fender protects any vehicle or person in the vicinity of the trailer.

On some models, you can install fenders with steps, which will assist in getting in and out of the vehicle. Finally, bumpers serve as a decorative element, which will enhance the look of the trailer, and help to reflect your style.

Buy the Best Fenders at Standard Axle

If you want to make an excellent upgrade to your trailer with fenders, Standard Axle has for you the best to buy. Within our extensive stock, you will find a variety of models for one, two, or three axles. You can select different materials, such as plastic, steel, or aluminum.

All our products are of unbeatable quality, manufactured by renowned brands such as Fulton or Kampco. Also, as Standard Axle is the reference supplier in Canada, you can get your accessories at the most competitive prices in the country.

Take a Look on the Awesome Fenders We Have for You!

Visit our online store, and you will surely find the ideal fenders for your trailer. These are just some of the top options we have for you:

  • KAMPCO KAM6701: this KAMPCO Jeep style model will give your trailer a great rustic look. It is made of stainless steel, and its measurements are 10″ X 36″ X 19.25″ X 16GA.
  • KAMPCO KAMA5234-105TP: is for tri-axle vehicles, teardrop type, made in aluminum. It has a tread plate finish that will make a difference. It measures 10.75″ X 105″ X 20″ X 100.
  • KAMPCO KAMGALV6021: for tandem trailers, this teardrop model is ideal. It is made of a sturdy galvanized material and measures 12″ X 69″ X 16GA.
  • KAMPCO KAM6453: if you want an elegant and economical solution, this is it. This KAMPCO Steel single will help you elegantly protect your trailer for only $26.11. A real bargain. It measures 9″ X 28″ X 13″ X 16GA.
  • FULTON P8593: this is the ultimate FULTON. It's made of high-density polyethylene, very resistant, and corrosion-proof. It measures 9″ X 28″ X 12″ 40″ overall. It and has an extraordinary step feature.

If you are ready to get the most outstanding trailer fenders, Standard Axle is your ideal choice. Register online and enjoy the best models and prices on the market. We distribute nationwide in no time. We will be happy to assist you.

Trailer Fenders
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